2020 Grand Prize Winner and Finalists 


Grand Prize Winner!


Prize Fight by Natalie Ganey




Jiyan by Daniela Saioni and Mazdak Taebi


Endless Forest by Tsonko Bumbalov




Creche by Dave Sheski

Light Years from Home by Aaron Pope

Dr. Portia by Millie West

Journey to Fisterra by Alan Lambert

Art in Tandem by Elizabeth Blackmer

The Music Scrooge by Jim Evry

A Bad Influence by Yul-Pyeong Oh

When Two Ends Meet by Tom Tanno

Darby Petty and the Lost Treasure by D.C. Sayre

Hal, The Spud King of Japan by John Thibault


Fringe Writing

2019 Grand Prize Winner and Finalists

"Absolutely thrilled with the level of individual attention this festival provides. They were very communicative about what I could expect after my selection, and they followed through on what they promised. This is a great festival at a great value that I'd encourage all aspiring screenwriters to take part in."


"Edinburgh, birthplace of mankind's best inventions, knows a good idea when they see one. Proud to be part."


"Great competition and very responsive staff!" 


2019's winner received a personal introduction and one hour consultation to Fred Richter at Tradition Pictures. 


Grand Prize Winner!


Men by Rebecca Dreyfus




Worthy by Mary & Ryan Griffitts


Desert 10 by Zach Tomlinson




My Sex Life by Rosalyn Rosen

Troy Town by Matthew Barker

Possum by Lyndal Simpson

Perry by RJ Watson

Stalag Dixie by L Morris

The Wild Heart of Alaska by Mary Albanese

Integrated Offender by Kathy Krantz Stewart & Manjit Bhangoo

Twilight Sleep by Alan Lambert

True Destiny by Joe Leone

D.N.A. by Skatz Baxter

Tony and Annette by Daisy Eagan

Shooting Palmer by Angie Louise & Sue Corcoran


Fringe Writing

2018 Spring Grand Prize Winner and Finalists


"This competition has given us the push we need. Thank you to everyone at Edinburgh Screenwriting Competition"


"A great competition with real potential to be seen and read."


"Great contest. Nice awards. It was an honor to be part of it. Great follow through on introductions."


Grand Prize Winner!


Jim Carroll - Black Easter Resurrection




Joe Graham - The Return of Finlay MacQueen


Michelle Lindsay-Baharie & Rob Baharie - Fame Hungry




The Queendom by Olha Onyshko

The Gospel According to Charlie by Kamal John Iskander

Confirmation by Adam C. Vorenkamp

1933 by Marc Anderson

Sentinels of Tzurac by James Raven and Danielle Kaheaku

Clay by Ash J. Louis

The Venetian Equivalency by Alvin Easter

Elephant and Castle by Samuel Bernstein

The Lotus Eaters by Tatjana Soli

The Last Indian War by Michael Graf

The Contestant by James H. Hibbard

Rebound by Warren Paul Glover

The Hidden Truth by Milva Scollo

Ephemeral by Juan Armijos

Terrordise by V.N. Alexander